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The Historical Register SWM is a non- profit organization under the name asd framed in RS SWM G.S. where G S means sport group .
The activities of the R.S. SWM are divided between those games concerning the historical part SWM , then: certifications , registrations, census and maintenance of SWM motion . The activities of the G.S. SWM are purely amateur sport and mainly concern the organization of the Trophy Social SWM and participation in other events.
Given what we have different types of memberships to suit all needs and availability of passionate SWM :
Registration supporting member of the cost of € 10.00 which gives the opportunity to help keep alive the association and to participate as a shareholder in the exchange of spare parts.
Sign socio effective : the cost of € 50.00 plus includes the ' registration and certification of their SWM , being able to seek advice and help registering IMF and ASI , and participation in all activities of the RSSWM , including the social trophy .
Entry to the trophy social SWM licensed ACSI : the active members to participate in the trophy SWM may require the licensing of competitive or non-competitive ACSI .
For registration simply download one of the forms and send them to the headquarters of the Historical Register SWM with all the required documentation , the registration fee can be paid by bank or postal money order.
Often many sympathizers SWM applying for admission as a supporting member in order to find some parts missing , they can send an email with the list of items they want, we'll check out what is available among the various partners , and send you an answer. If you are interested can give confirmation and send the completed registration form , sending the parts can be welded everything, including registration .
In this regard, we specify that the management of spare parts is not a business, but only one trade between members, the RS SWM is only an intermediary to ensure that the various members should contact more people, gathering them in a single shipment .




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