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In 1994 a group of nostalgic friends with the passion for off-road motorbikes gathered together to create an "Historical Register" reserved for the famous make SWM. They thought they were the only ones with this passion for SWM and never imagined so many members. After an initial phase the "SWM Historical Register" adopted an identity that nowadays affirm it amongst the most important historical registers, both for the number of the members and for the spirit of collaboration of their associates, and also for the innumerable activities and manifestations that it promotes.
The purpose of our association is to gather collectors, owners and admirers of these mythical motorbikes; its purpose is to conserve and to protect the legacy The purpose of our association is to gather collectors, owners and admirers of these mythical motorbikes, to conserve and to protect the legacy of craftsmanship, history and customs, experiences and important sporting victories the famous brand has produced. The history of a motorcycle company can easily be told recalling their victories in competition; SWM, like the other big makes that have been at the top of the leagues, can join the international motorcycling panorama with the top names with victories worthy of note and enduro, in trials and motocross. Starting from the first models made by craftsmen in 1970, every motorbike has been ridden in competition by true champions, whose names have become famous. Nowadays founding a historical register (amateur and non- profit-making), means putting together with passion the organization of exhibitions, competitions and single brand meetings, leading to an increase in knowledge for maintenance and assistance in the finding of the spare parts necessary for the repair and restoration of SWMs and the possibility for those who want to, the taking part in competitions for period motorbikes.
To this end we created the "SWM Trophy" reserved for all the members of the Historical Register and divided into heats. These are recreational and non competitive races, at the end of the year, on the occasion of the social dinner, we give a prize to the most deserving. At the same time we also want to promote the activity of the Historical Register, so, for this reason, we permit the partecipation of non-registered guests in one heat. Another reason for the annual meeting is the SWM DAY, the international rally of the all SWM enthusiasts. Other important events are the two "Vintage Motorbike Shows" in Novegro MI , the first in February and the second in November where the official SWM stand,is in the central pavillon poviding a meeting and exchange point for all our members.
At the Register all the SWM (Speedy Working Motors) models motorcycles and mopeds can be entered, with a extension to the latest production under the SVM (Società Veicoli Milanesi) brand. For members the possibilities and the advantages would be manifold: the possibility of enter at the Historical Register their own motorbikes, obtaining an Historical Certificate, a licence and a brass plate; the annual membership card permits taking part in all the social activities, the possibility to enter the technical, documentary, photographic and cinematic archive of the Register and, finally, to receive the periodical "Corriere della S.W.M" (in Italian) which is sent out monthly by email and by post 2/3 times during the year. All members can put their announcements on our website and can take part in the exchange and search of the spare parts. The more 'sporty' can join the Sporting Group section of the SWM Historical Register and take part in the Social Trophy.

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